Joshua Hawkins a.k.a Servin Keefe Launches  Work Before Sleep Clothing Article by Rhythm Rave Radio

SmokinxPlottin is now available on all Digital Streaming Platforms!!


Blog write-ups featuring $ervin Keefe
Quotes from the Media:

“$ervin Keefe is a upcoming emcee from the Mile High State and his song ‘On The Block’ reminds us that every hood is the same’ – Beads Wider/


“If you needed music that immediately gets your feet moving and your head nodding then look no further than ‘At The Bank’ by Colorado artist $ervin Keefe ” – VintageMediaGroup


“A $ervin Keefe performance is certainly something I will never miss, he really leaves it all on the stage.” – K. T from Colorado


“The world will know who $ervin Keefe is and it isn’t a matter of if but, when!” –


“Very, very special talent with a very bright future” – Erick/

If you would like to hear music by $ervin Keefe or would like more updates and information. Please VISIT:


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