The Story Behind the Name Change

Before I begin this post let’s have a moment of silence for King Jo$h….

Alright, let’s talk.

A year ago I thought “Hey, King Jo$h is a great name & it’s my name so what the hell! Let’s run with it.” After looking up King Jo$h for a week straight, I began building my brand and becoming a business.

Long behold, I started building my brand & doing more research of how I could gain even more attention surrounding my music and of course, my brand. Everything was fine I even invested hundreds of dollars into my music & into the King Jo$h name.

Here I am a year later consistently searching the name King Jo$h and I see my name with other artist(s). Yes, their are MULTIPLE but they are not I, LOL. Kind of depressing mostly but what doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger! If you know me then you know my history with duplicate names remember “Just Josh”? You wouldn’t believe how many Just Joshs’ think they’re the only one.

After all, I found another name and it’s one nobody can take from me nor duplicate and it’s mine. Thank you MoM! Of course, it will take some getting used to but I will make sure this is one of the smoothest transitions ever. Thank you all for supporting me!



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